Media centre

A while ago I learned about the RaspberryPI, and I found out that it was good enough to use as a media player. Well I managed to get two, loaded OpenELEC on them, setup XBMC MySQL syncing and now both tvs are connected to my media collection.

I even got XBMC running on my Android tablet, also hooked up to the MySQL db, the only problem I had was that the paths were not working on the Android client, but a quick tweak to the path substitution in the XBMC advanced config file and everything is working.

The only thing I need now if to upgrade my space, currently running out of space. I’m looking to get the Qnap TS-870 Pro and 8 x 4TiB Western Digital Red harddrives. P.S. Donations are welcome 😉

I’m hoping to put up a tutorial on how to setup OpenELEC and MySQL syncing, just need to make some time.

UPDATE Managed to get myself the Synology DS1813+ and 6 x 3TiB Western Digital Green Drives (I already have two), so this should last a while 😉