Synology DS1813+

It arrived today, in a big box… My brand new NAS and 6 drives.

Opened the box at work cause one of the guys (Hi Matt), wanted to see what it looked like, but then it went back in the box and I put it in the car.

Once I got home and sorted out all the house/life stuffs, I set out to install the drives. I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to install the drives, completely tool-less.

Once I had the drives installed I booted it up, it took a couple of minutes, and all the lights flashed away.

After a quick network scan, I found the IP and then connected to it, and was greeted by a quick start wizard. Nice and simple.

It took about an hour to build the initial volume (6x3TiB ~= 18TiB volume). And it’s still busy verifying the volume which is gonna take a while.

Then I just need to move all my data from my old server, and then put the two 3TiB drives from there into the NAS, and then all done 🙂

UPDATE Got all the data moved across (lost a couple of episodes somehow) and now have a 18TiB Volume, that should last a little while :p