Huawei Mate 8

Upgrade time again, so im looking at the Vodacom book and on the cover is a Huawei Mate 8. To me Huawei make those little modem stick things, but i decide “hey, why not”.

I go to a couple of vodacom stores and noone has stock, very sad indeed, this phone is on the cover of your book, why dont you have stock.

Anyways, earlier today i go to the local mall to inquire about this device, and yes they have the phone in stock, but alas no watch. Again im sad.

I decide to try a couple of other shops in the mall, and whould you belive it, there is one left in this one shop. Very exciting, the staff were very helpfull. Thank you cellucity.

So i get home and unbox this device and am pleasently surprised at the quality of the packaging.

I was also surprised to see that the phone already had a screen protector kn it, and it has a cover. Yes all in the box… It might not be the best cover, but definatly better than nothing.

Its only been a couple of hours, but already im loving this phone, and watch.